Security Sticker on Trezor


I bought my Trezor from Amazon from a private seller and I just noticed on logging into Trezor that it mentions a security sticker that covers the actual USB port on the hardware wallet. I don’t recall removing the sticker from the wallet itself and it isn’t there. The Trezor box it came in had two of these stickers one on the top and one on the bottom. They were unbroken so the box itself hasn’t been tampered with since packing but if the Trezor itself didn’t have the sticker on it it means it could have been used or interferered with prior, right?

I’ve backed up the Trezor already but is this a cause for concern? Is there any way I can check if the Trezor was used previously or is compromised?

Hi, security sticker covering USB-C is just on Trezor T, you are describing box for Trezor One which has two security seals and it seems to be fine as you mention.

So no worries and enjoy our product. :slight_smile:

oh, how dumb. I clicked the wrong one :grimacing:

Thank you!