Security measures

There is little security when it comes to saving your savings. That’s why I’ve been thinking about ways to make the security of my wallet as good as possible and I want your opinion.

Does the trezor model t have a limit of wallets that can be created?

I intend to buy a trezor model t and create 10 wallets on it. I intend to divide my funds in these 10 wallets and in each of these wallets I would use shamir and I will create 3 seed phrase in which you will need 2 seed phrase to be able to recover the wallet. In addition, I will also put a passphrase on each wallet.

What is your opinion about this?

oh i forgot to mention that i will buy a notebook in which its only purpose will be to use the trezor program

I predict you lose coins simply because you are making it so complicated.

One account. Shamir if you want but its kind of a false sense of security. One seed is plenty if you store it correctly. Perhaps in two places.