Scammed by youtube live promo-ai scam

i WAS SCAMMED! I saw this “live” Youtube channel featuring Michael Saylor, a well known bitcoin celebrity , promoting ownership of BTC, that anyone who sends btc or eth coins to this particular address would HAVE RETURNS DOUBLED. I sent my bitcoin totalling around $4400 (AUD) to the particular address at 23.26pm on 09/05/2024. After i waited for a while, and when I didn’t get my 2x back, I started a chat with the "chat manager-Emily. She told me to wait 4 hours until the event finished before returning my money. The more I chatted with her, I knew she wasn’t going to return my money.she gave an email to me to contact if I still didn’t get my money back:, which happens to have the “same company name” as Michael Saylor’s organisation.I reported this to the Australian scamwatch authority. Is there any way Trezor can help get my money back?

I doubt it. report it to the local authorises. But I suspect your coin is gone.
Transactions are final, only way is to get them to send it back.

one needs to be carefull

Hi @aaroncyk,

I can confirm that if the transaction is confirmed, there is no way how to revert it. Make sure to contact your local authorities and report fraud. Most likely, you can consider these funds lost.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you.

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