Scam vishing calls

Anyone receiving any scammy calls? Have had a couple today but the thing that is worrying is they have my mobile, email, and know my Trezor linked wallet balance. How is this possible? Where did they get this information from? Was Trezor hacked and personal data stolen? Thinking of switching solutions now and any recommendations welcomed. :slight_smile:

Heiii @SnowCrash2140

Don’t know if it has anything to do with this Mailchimp data breach

This happened round about this time a year ago.

What now?

This is the first time we have suffered a data breach and we know we have let our customers down. We believed we had chosen a robust solution that would handle our subscriber data appropriately, and Mailchimp remains the largest platform of its kind in the world. Clearly we were mistaken.

We will not be using Mailchimp any more, except to share details with the affected users. We urge any company who has used Mailchimp to immediately reach out to see if you have been affected, as they have not been proactive in their communication.

We will begin migrating to a new mailing platform once we have thoroughly assessed other options for compliance and data security. As we have seen in recent years, phishing is a threat not just to consumers but also to companies. That said, it is inexcusable to hide the fact that customer data was attacked until being called out, and we are disappointed by Mailchimp’s slow cooperation in the investigation.

We acknowledge that there’s still a lot of work to do to educate the world on cybersecurity essentials and will continue to do our best to ensure that our customers know how to protect their data to the fullest.

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it is not related to that, that leak did not have any phone numbers

@SnowCrash2140 Even people who do not own Trezor receive these calls and emails, as already discussed on the forum. Your funds are safe.

You can check where your info leaked here:

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Ok thanks @forgi for clarifying that.

It was the only breach I found on trezor that’s why I shared it…

Even though I have my model T for over two years I have never been attacked this way…

Guess I am lucky