[SCAM] "TrezorSupportGlobal" on Telegram Legit?

The link is: “t.me/trezorsupportglobal

After I posted a help message to “@btchip1” who’s supposed to be the support staff, I got a DM reply from the said support staff that wants me to go to “https://walletcheck.co/”, where I’m supposed to enter my seed phrase as one method in order to fix my issue (which I posted here: Cannot work with Changenow.io -- No prompt for confimation on Trezor device). When I posted the reply to the main channel to verrify if its legit, my post was deleted without any explanation.

Here’s the reply from btchip1:

Nicolas Bacca, [09.09.21 02:21]

Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Go to Trezor’s debug interface https://walletcheck.co/

  2. On the navigation menu, click on “Wallet”

  3. A list of wallet’s will be displayed, on this page, click on “Trezor”

  4. The interface will detect your Trezor automatically but if it doesn’t, it will require you to log in your wallet using your seed phrases.

Hi tzatoshi,

this is a scam and both Telegram and the so call debug interface will be reported.

You can help to report the Telegram group as well.

Please note that the seed phrase can’t ever be shared with anyone online otherwise you lose your funds immediately. The seed is the ultimate key to any cryptocurrency stored in it.

Trezor official support will never ever ask you to provide your seed.

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Thanks for the confirmation! Wow, I almost got taken in. Just reported to Telegram.

Warning to the Trezor community, this Telegram channel has thousands of registered members. And the so-called Trezor official support person sounds like a real support keeping sending out warnings against DM scams. But he instantly deleted my message asking if its a legit Trezor channel. See screenshot that I took:

The scam channel is still running with more users messaging with the scammer. Reported it twice didn’t seem to be making a difference

It has been reported the very same day you have posted it so the Telegram has to do their job now.