[SCAM] Another fake Trezor app on Google Play

Dear community,

Be aware of the new fake Trezor app that is available on Google Play. Do not try to use it, because it is designed to steal your money! It has been reported by us and you can report it as well.


Hi Kolin

I try to understand how much of a threat such fake apps are in case I use the Trezor device as advised. Can such apps really steal my cryptos? I am completely new to this topic but isn’t it correct that I see each transaction to spend my coins on my Trezor device and I have to confirm on my Trezor device that I want to really send a certain number of coins to a 3rd party address? If this is the case then how can a fake Trezor app or any other app steal my coins? I would need to explicitly approve any transaction to move coins out of my Trezor wallet on the Trezor physical device which I would never do obviously! If such fake Trezor etc. apps could really steal my coins then the whole crypto world would be completely insecure because I will never be 100% sure that my locally installed Trezor Suite app, my MetaMask app, etc. is really the original app and not a malicious fake app pretending, right?!

@Flix you need to keep your recovery seed safe and your coins will be safe.

Please read carefully this article: User manual:Security best practices - Trezor Wiki