Saitama reflections … also shiryo-inu and Mononoke inu

When do trezor wallets update with reflections? I have noticed them occasionally update but I can’t figure out the pattern.
I see them in etherscan but my trezor wallet rarely updates.


Hi @richardlshelton
correct me if I’m wrong but tokens you’ve mentioned are ERC20 tokens and those can be added and managed in Trezor Suite.
For more info please see following post:

Yes adding them is no issue. I am asking about reflection updates to my coin count. The coins I listed all provide daily reflections. I have heard other hardware wallets provide real-time updates.

Saitama rewards holders by automatically redistributing 2% of each transaction between holders.

My current workaround is to just connect my wallet to metamask and I see the correct count. Or just check etherscan.

I see. Please note that staking on ETH blockchain won’t be implemented in Trezor Suite in the foreseeable future.