Ronnin wallet issues

Hi, recently i just got my trezor one arrived, and i have purpose to secure my Axie Infinity NFT.
I just made some test by creating new account one, then connect it to trezor wallet. everything just working fine, then before i migrate all my axies, i wanna do some quick transaction test. here is what i do

  1. I try to send some slp from non-connected trezor ronnin wallet to my connected one. everything works just fine
  2. i try to send it back using my connected trezor ronnin wallet one now, to non-connected one. the confirmation already pop up but i didnt see anything happen. the SLP still there and the transactions just gone.
  3. i accidentally remove brave profile (which have trezor ronin inside) when i want to recover it, using my ronin seedphrase, and try to connect trezor again, the address is completely randomize again therefore i cant find my connected address before, did i do something wrong here ?
  4. other than axies, i try to create one metamask account , and using BSC network to do some transactions, i can receive it. but i cant do any transactions such as sending coins, or do a swap coins.

thank you so much for your help, i belive trezor is secure wallet i just want to make sure im enjoying nft games without the fear of losing my assets looking for answer it have a good day!

Hi @venomrunsdeep1,

Trezor doesn’t support NFTs at the moment, so please don’t try to transfer NFTs to your Trezor.
See also: Metamask NFT issue - #2 by MichalZ