Ronin wallet lost on my trezor account

Good day,
please kindly help me…
I have 10 axies team on ronin trezor, after 2 weeks i want to claim SLP
in 9 teams it work smoothly, but there is 1 account can’t open ronin so can’t claim SLP
unfortunately i got panic and delete account which can’t access and try to recovery.
but, after that i can’t find it, ronis is lost
what should i do ?
please help me…

Install ronin in other browsers, connect to trezor, and try to find it in alternative addresses !

Always use the suite before using other wallets, and be sure to select the wallet address found on the suite on other wallets. God knows the order rules for other wallets to choose addresses !

oke, thanks for your advise… i will try it
have you face same problem ?

no .
I always use suite to define my wallet address , then use other wallet to find this address to use .
The result of this is that even if there is a problem with other third-party wallets, I can still view assets on the suite. I will not allow my own funds to be at risk of loss, there is always double protection or even triple protection.
So I never face this kind of problems .I just read about similar situations and solutions in other posts.