Ronin wallet (Axie Infinity) support?



In the first video u have to spacebar to pause, and use the left or right keys to fast forward or go back in short skips.

you can see he has axies listed on his ronin wallet.

i assume this is something like ADA, where we can use yoroi to paired to a trezor so we can then send ada to the yoroi, but the keys are kept on the trezor. You can’t see ada on the trezor via trezor suite, but it works.

I assumed that ronin wallet worked similarly



In the first video u have to spacebar to pause, and use the left or right keys to fast forward or go back in short skips.

you can see he has axies listed on his ronin wallet.

i assume this is something like ADA, where we can use yoroi to paired to a trezor so we can then send ada to the yoroi, but the keys are kept on the trezor. You can’t see ada on the trezor via trezor suite, but it works.

I assumed that ronin wallet worked similarly

in the 2nd video he more than implied that you can move axies onto them. he even mentioned that to do so would reset axies back to 1. he would not be saying this if he thought that sending axies to the ronin wallet when pairing to the trezor would not have worked.

you want more proof watch this one

you don’t have to understand what he is saying but see what it is he is doing. and clearly he paired trezor to ronin to create ronin wallet, then he gifted an axie to his ronin hardware wallet just fine.

Well, I’m far from convinced. Until I see the Axie pets on the Trezor device I don’t see any proof. I think it’s possible you can use Trezor as a verification tool for a transaction to a Ronin hosted account, and that may very well be what Ronin is doing here, but as far as I know the official statement from SatoshiLabs is that Trezor does not support NFTs.

This is a Ronin issue and you should take it up with them.

Hey there @Petosiris,
here is the video proof you need.
I think what the Ronin Wallet does, is it utilizes the ethereum address and the subsequent verification tool that the Trezor employs. The Ronin wallet basically creates a new wallet within the Ronin account that way you’re able to store the Axie Infinity Assets and have them secured by the verification tool of the Trezor.

I also uploaded a new Step-by-Step guide including a warning for players not to send NFTs directly to the Trezor wallet itself.

Let me know what you think.


Ty langley for this :heart_eyes:. But could u advise for metamask and the ronin wallet, is it okay to reuse the same address for both metamask and ronin?

for example

on trezor u create a wallet with 0x…99

So you then add hardware wallet for that 0x…99 to metamask. Metamask account wallet done.

Now for ronin you also use add trezor hardware wallet, and select 0x…99. ronin wallet done (it’s now ronin: 0x…99)

Is this recommended? or should i have created a 2nd eth address to use metamask and ronin addresses that are different from the trezor wallet?

When doing the regular way, you don’t have this issue because they will create a different address. But when using the hardware wallet, it’s possible to select the same eth address to be used by metamask and ronin. I’m just not sure if that is recommended or not.

And yes anything related to ronin wallet, they will require you to use the ronin bridge. Definitely DO NOT use the metamask SEND to attempt to transfer to ronin. ANything that is related to receiving or withdrawals from/to the ronin wallet has to be done over the ronin bridge which can be accessed from the dashboard when you are logged into their website.

As for transfering between ronin wallets, use the ronin browser extension there is a send button there to send to other ronin wallets. There is zero fee, but i believe there is a daily limit, so use that sparingly and only when needed.

Definitely DO NOT send the NFTs DIRECTLY to the trezor. due to previous reasons mentioned.

But what i was trying to ask earlier was in regard to how the ronin wallet once binded to the trezor does let you send the slp, axs and axie pets to the RONIN WALLET address that is BOUND to that trezor hardware wallet (i think is why people were confused earlier when i said this. they assumed i was talking about the other thing which you shouldn’t do)

Anyway glad you proved this conclusively in English that you can buy, store, transfer, and even play the axies on the ronin wallet that was paired to the trezor. Not sure about the technicailities of how they do this despite the trezor not supporting axies itself. But seems you do retain the private key in order to authenticate this ronin hardware wallet (trezor only support atm).

Trivia: what happens when someone INCORRECTLY sends eth to the ronin wallet using metamask send (basically they did not use the ronin bridge). What happens is, the eth gets sent to the ronin wallet but is invisible. To access it, you would need to add the account for that ronin wallet to metamask (u have to use the private key or phrase in order to add the account i believe). Replace the ronin: for 0x. Your eth is there, so then you transfer it out back to a proper metamask wallet. You basically have to pay for the transfer fee to do this, but at least recovery is possible in this situation. To avoid this, remember to use the ronin bridge when dealing with ronin wallets.


Hi @Langly1087,

Thank you for these new videos! I saw you updated your step-by-step video with a big warning about the Axie pets, so that’s great. The new video about these pets is also very good and will hopefully help many people to understand how this works. From now on I’ll recommend your two videos to everyone who ask questions about this in here.

So, as you showed me/us is that the Trezor hardware wallet is used in Ronin as a verification and security device for securing your Ronin account. It’s not a standard Trezor wallet, as used in Metamask or Invity for example, but a Ronin wallet. This Ronin wallet can hold AXS and SLP tokens (ERC-20) and Axie pets (NFT). Metamask, Invity, or other standard Trezor wallets can hold AXS and SLP too, but not Axie pets. So far great.

Now, what is still unclear to me - and this is because I don’t use Ronin myself - is what happens if you buy AXS or SLP tokens in Ronin - will they be transferred to your Trezor device or stay in your Ronin wallet? Or, if you cannot use Ronin directly to buy AXS and SLP, I guess you must use Metamask or similar as an in-between exchange?

If Ronin actually transfers AXS and SLP tokens to the Trezor device, but not Axie pets, then I guess they’ve made some changes to the Trezor open-source API code to prohibit Axie pets to leave the Ronin wallet.

What’s not so good with this “hybrid” type Ronin hardware wallet for Trezor is that Ronin don’t say specifically that this is a Ronin wallet and not a standard Trezor wallet. So people can be led to believe that other, standard, Trezor wallets on other exchanges also works just like a Ronin wallet connected to Trezor. It’s not optimal for users who aren’t so familiar as you are with a Trezor device.

However, good work Langly and thank you again for helping Ronin users, and Trezor users in general, to understand this! :+1:

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I am glad the videos helped you to understand! It’s the least I can do to help the community out. I was also scammed out of $2k, but if I had owned the Trezor that would not have happened. Spreading the information and educating new users is my way of not letting the scammers/hackers win.

This I would love to know as well. However, Sky Mavis hasn’t really gone into great depth as to how the Ronin Trezor actually works technically wise.
I agree that once connected, the Trezor wallet that is apart of the Ronin wallet isn’t technically a Trezor wallet anymore. The idea that it works as a normal Trezor works, is definetly confusing for new people joining the Axieverse or Cryptoverse in general.

To answer this question, no. You cannot buy SLP or AXS with the Ronin. SLP is rewarded to players for playing the game and they can claim their SLP earnings within the game. When they claim it, it is transferred to the Ronin wallet.

If you want to purchase AXS or SLP on the market, you need to use Uniswap, or Sushiswap, or some other crypto-exchange platform, to exchange Ethereum for the SLP or AXS. Once you’ve done that, the SLP and AXS can then be deposited into the Ronin wallet via their “Ronin Bridge” deposit browser. (MetaMask is the go to wallet right now for users depositing to the Ronin. Though theoretically, we could just use the Trezor ethereum address. I might try that to see what would happen.)

They are working on their own DEX, but it isn’t currently out yet. Currently, you can only exchange for WETH via the Ronin Wallet. See the picture below.

Let me know if there are any other questions.
Also, thank you for sharing my videos! I’m just getting my youtube and content creation off the ground, so every view and subscriber helps. If you could throw me a referral code or discount coupon for people who purchase a Trezor after watching my Trezor videos, that would be sugar on top. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply, @Langly1087. Appreciated!

As for referral code or discount coupon, I’m sorry to say I can’t help you since I don’t work for SatoshiLabs or are affiliated with them in any way, but you could ask them. :slight_smile:

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try and ask for it!
Thank you!

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Hei langly, i’m sorry to hear u got scammed.

By the way i thought that the trezor would also protect me. but the other day when i was doing a ronin to metamask transfer, and it asked do you want to do this, i saw the gas fees so i click reject.

You would think ok, it cancelled. But no, instead the weth gets stuck in a pending transfer, and had already been deducted from your ronin wallet, and is now stuck in purgatory transit, until you decide to pay the gas fees to procede with the transfer.

how is that possible? o-O; i thought the trezor suppose to protect against this when early you reject a transaction. So anyway i paid the gas and got back my funds. The sad thing is, Axie Infinity has NO SUPPORT in regards to payment transactions. It’s funny because they make so much from this game, but they have no support channels whatsoever, but something like binance does. You try talk to a mod on discord or email them, no response at all to any support inquiries.

next week i’ll transfer some slp to my trezor metamask, i’ll check if axs and slp is registered or not in trezor suite (it should because it’s using the eth address for the trezor wallet).

@Langly1087 Did you say you wanted to try skip metamask and send direct to just a non metamask wallet? i don’t recommend doing this. Everybody i asked said you MUST use a metamask wallet as a go between to and from the ronin wallet. I don’t know the technicalities for this, other than it’s a requirement.

Also just an update. To qualify for the 0 transfer fees between ronin: wallets, you must ensure that both ronin wallets are registered to the game.

You create an axie infinity account, by login in with your ronin wallet. Then you add an email account to this account, the password they ask you is DIFFERENT from your email password, so remember to change that. Then you also need to link a metamask wallet to that account as well. Then you are done. You can now transfer from another ronin to this ronin vice versa for zero fees.

If you don’t do this, you don’t qualify for zero fees, and you will get a warning that you don’t qualify for zero fees.

Axie fees can be seen here

langly i got a ledger referal code if u need 1 buddy.

Hey there @mooglestiltzki! I appreciate the update on this. I have heard of people canceling the transfer from Ronin to MetaMask to wait for the gas fee to come down. The WETH does still get stuck, but if you were planning to withdraw already, then waiting for the gas fee to come down isn’t the worst thing to happen.

I’m definetly bookmarking that page you listed.

I will continue to use the MetaMask as the in-between for Trezor and the Ronin. I appreciate the insight into this.

Thanks for the offer of the Ledger referral. I wont need one as of right now, but maybe down the road. Haha.

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i use both trezor and ledger. both have their pros and cons :}

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Hi there I have the same exact doubt.
I’ve set the Trezor to work with MM and exported the public key of a given ETH address provided by Trezor.
Then linked Ronin to my Trezor and when the suite prompted me to choose an address to export, I had the chance to check that exact ETH address only that it had the “ronin:” prefix.
Does this work? Is this safe?

in trezor suite, note down your eth address.

then in metamask i used that eth address when adding the wallet.

then in ronin, i also use the same eth address.

So now i got these addresses


metamask = 0x…

if u replace the ronin: with 0x its basically the same address as ronin.

However don’t confuse them both to be the same.

Consider them separate wallets. However if u had WRONGLY sent from metamask to the ronin wallet WITHOUT using the ronin bridge, what happens is, those funds get sent to the 0x… address. The only way i managed to recover it is when i added the ronin address to metamask (i replace the ronin: with 0x).

Any transaction that involves the ronin wallet needs to be done through the ronin bridge. The only exception is when u are transfering from 1 ronin wallet to another ronin wallet. You do this by going through the ronin wallet, click send, then add the ronin wallet address.

So what do u do with ur trezor that is linked to ronin wallet and metamask wallet. Basically, make sure that trezor suite is running. and your trezor is unlocked. Then do whatever transaction on the ronin or metamask wallets that are linked to the trezor. Each time it will prompt you on the trezor to authorize.

From what i noticed, if u use the ronin bridge to withdraw slp, weth or whatever from the ronin wallet to metamask, once you click confirm in ronin bridge on the website, u are not able to reject it on the trezor. Yes there is an option to cancel, but if u do that, your transfer will be stuck in pending purgatory (it’s no longer in your ronin wallet at this point). So MAKE SURE you indeed want to transfer BEFORE you do so in ronin bridge. because the moment u confirm, you cannot reject even when using the trezor. Don’t ask me why it’s like that, i only report as i observed how it worked.

As for using the same eth address when creating the metamask and ronin wallets, i asked this and 2 youtubers both said this is exactly what they did themselves. So i just left it as is, because others are doing it without issue (afaik).

Summary, even if u created metamask and ronin using same eth address (which u got from the trezor), just treat them as 2 separate wallets. For recovery, make sure to backup trezor recovery seedphrase, metamask recovery seed phrase, and ronin wallet seed phrase. I think only the trezor recovery seed phrase is needed, but just in case best to backup all 3.


Exchange > metamask > ronin wallet

ronin wallet > metamask > exchange

Never attempt to bypass metamask to send direct from exchange to ronin wallet and vice versa. And another reminder that transactions between metamask and ronin wallet MUST ALWAYS be done using the ronin bridge via the axie website dashboard (DO NOT attempt to use the metamask UI send button. This won’t work)

when moving eth from metamask to ronin wallet, the eth gets converted to weth. axie marketplace uses the weth. when transfering from ronin to metamask, the weth gets converted back to ETH.

tip: if you have scholars, you can create additional wallets in trezor by adding a passphrase. Then using the eth address from those new wallets (created using passphrases), you can then create a new metamask and ronin wallet using that.

thats pretty much all i know, hope it helps.


This is SO USEFUL that it hurts!
Thank so much!!! :smiley: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I forgot to mention, in trezor, you can decide whether to NOT use passphrases, OR to use passphrases.

Without a passphrase, you simplify the process, that to recover, you need only know your seed recovery phrase, and to replace the trezor that was missing (if it was).

But with a passphrase (which is what i recommend to use because of the many benefits), not only do you need the recovery seed, you ALSO need to have the passphrase, or you won’t be able to restore your wallet. This is basically an extra thing to remember. But if you are writing it down, i don’t think this is such a big problem, but something to consider.

Then why go through the hassle of using passphrases? actually there is a lot of benefits for doing so

  1. you can use passphrases to create hidden wallets. So if you are forced to login to your wallet, you can opt not to enter your wallet passphrase. This then leads you to the default blank passphrase wallet (or you can enter an unused passphrase to lead to an empty wallet, or to a dummy wallet u had prepared with some shit worthless memecoins)

  2. with passphrases you can then create MULTIPLE wallets on the same trezor. This is good for managing your scholars. So you can separate out a wallet that is dedicated for the scholar accounts separate from your main personal wallet (well technically as the manager it all belongs to you, but i prefer separating it out for easier management).

Other useful things you can do with your trezor, you can set it up as a password manager.

It’s not as comprehensive compared to something like Keepass, but if you are storing just a few important ones, i think it’s fine until trezor decides to develop it more. But what you can do here is, store your axie scholar accounts credentials, and also other important login details. To access this list you need to plugin the trezor to connect it, then to grab the database from your dropbox (set a 2fa for dropbox and make it private) which is encrypted. You can access this password list anywhere globally, as long as you have a pc and you install the trezor password manager browser extension, and plugin your trezor, thats all you need to access your login credentials :}

The next thing you can do is FIDO2 login. Example, the gmail you created for your scholars (you only need 1 gmail for the scholars, because when registering scholars do this [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] and so on. What this does is make all those emails as if they are unique, but in reality they all get sent to [email protected] and this is why you only need 1 email rather than create so many. Just be mindful that when registering these +1, +2 etc, that the password on the axie website SHOULD BE DIFFERENT to that of the other axie +1, +2, +3 so other scholars cannot login to another scholars account. Also that these passwords should be different than the password that logs in to the actual email at ).

Fido 2 you can add as an extra login option to login to the gmail account that support fido2. How it works is, when you go gmail and try login, select the use FIDO2 device, plugin your device, unlock it, then it will prompt a “do you want to authorize login to gmail?” then press yes. That’s it, now you are logged in. This is what fido2 does, it creates a simplified passwordless login that is secure. Just think of it as a 2fa alternative to google authenticator. Though doesn’t hurt have have both options, just in case 1 doesn’t work, they are both secure methods to login to the gmail :smiley: (it doesn’t have to be just gmail. this will work with any site that supports fido2 as a 2fa method)

hopefully this helped even more.


Great stuff Moogle!!

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I will add something related to the understanding of the Ronin / Trezor mechanism. If I’m wrong, at least I will learn something new today.

I fully agree with everything said here except for one statement. That a real Trezor address can’t store a NFT.

If we are talking about a NFT built on Ethereum at least, like the popular ERC-721 protocol, I think the address to receive it is just an ethereum address as the Trezor use.

So you should be able to receive it (as long as you don’t have to sign anything, I think this is the case when receiving tokens?). But the Trezor would not show it and you would not be able to move it from the Trezor because Trezor can’t sign NFT transactions required to send.

You should be able to import your Trezor seed into another wallet that supports this ethereum NFT though to retrieve your NFT assets. This would of course compromise your Trezor seed.

So this doesn’t change anything on the way recomended here to use Trezor for Axie Infinity. But may explain why the Ronin wallet does what it does.

Be safe everyone.