RMRK added to Trezor one but not listed

The Trezor site says RMRK or xcRMRK are not supported Tokens yet when entering RMRK in Etherscan it comes up as xcRMRK and is an ERC-20. Trezor Suite has accepted my “Add Token” but also shows it as xcRMRK. I have not yet sent any to Trezor…
Can Trezor Suite add Tokens to the list but not accept them?
If Trezor accepts and adds my Token to the list does that mean it is safe to send and store?

Hi @jim,

Yes, all ERC-20 tokens are safe to send and store on your Trezor device, also token xcRMRK (xcRMRK). It says in the Supported Coins list that RMRK (RMRK) is not supported by Trezor but xcRMRK is another token. Please do not send RMRK to Trezor.