Reuse 'live' trezors : moving from one multi-sig (provider) to another

hey there. im having a hard time finding any info on this, anywhere on the ‘internet’

I currently use two trezors for a multi-sig configuration, with a ‘provider’ that has the 3rd key. I want to switch to a new ‘provider’ using those two trezors.
whats stuck in my head is that how do I use them, if they are already set up? I believe the (only) answer is using a different bip32 path for the new one. which feels awkward because I will have to use that everytime I interact with the ‘key’ i’d rather just plug it in and go: like the usual.

can someone please validate and/or help me with solutions?

Thank you!

In principle there is no reason you’d have to change anything.

Every combination of signers generates a new “multisig wallet” with its own set of receive addresses. So Trezor A + Trezor B + Provider A = Address 1, and Trezor A + Trezor B + Provider B = Address 2

You would have to send all funds to Address 2 before you can start using the second provider, but other than that, it should all be good to go.

Of course this depends on how the providers do things exactly, but presumably you’d just register your Trezors and be good to go.

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Thanks! @matejcik I will give it a try