Restored Ledger to Trezor but only 1 coin showing up in Trezor

I restored a ledger to a new trezor using the 24 seed words. Only one coin is showing up in the Trezor. I can’t see the other coins. How can I get them to show up?

Thanks in advance for any support!

open suite , click this
add the coin you need

I can add the coin, but asset is not connected to the ETH address. So it shows up empty.

your asset are tokens ?

Yes. SHIB for example. I have added it, but it shows empty with no coins in it.

is the eth receiving address right ?
if it is right , you have to add tokens to your eth wallet .do like i said in here

First, check whether the eth receiving address of your ledger wallet is the same as the eth receiving address of trezor wallet.

Yes,. I have added the SHIB contract address. The tokens do not show.

Wait a minute, I summoned management in another post.
i don’t know how this happened . i want to know too

The receving ETH address is different. How do I create the receiving address on trezor to match the receiving address from ledger?

In the suite, I really don’t know how to add extra eth accounts under the same wallet. The web version of the past can be more convenient.
If you use trezor to connect to matemask, there should be 10 eth receiving addresses to choose from.
ledger with the same 24-word seed connect to matemask, and there will be 10 alternative addresses.
I guess the order of the 10 addresses of the two wallets should be different.

I see. I’ll connect metamask and try to create the account in trezor that way.

You can connect trezor to matemask to find other addresses, you should be able to see your shib and other assets under that address

Cool. will try that. Thx so much!

The explanation is that Ledger and Trezor use different derivation paths for ETH. While Ledger follows BIP32, Trezor, on the other hand, follows BIP44; Address path (BIP32) - Trezor Wiki & Cryptocurrency standards - Trezor Wiki

In such case, a third party app such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, or MyCrypto is needed to set a different derivation path.

Once Trezor device is paired with any of previously mentioned apps, continue with setting the derivation path needed.

See instructions for MetaMask

See how to set a custom derivation path for MEW Using a Hardware Wallet With a Custom Derivation Path | MyEtherWallet Knowledge Base