Restore Monero wallet from Windowa to Mac

I am using Monero GUI wallet with Trezor on a windows computer. I have a full wallet access.
Now I am trying to Restore the same wallet on to a new Mac computer.
As I am using Trezor, the Seeds for the wallet are within trezor and it is not giving sceret spend key either .
Due to this I am not able to restore my full wallet.I am able to restore a View only" wallet.
I wish to restore full wallet on Mac . Please suggest a solution.

thank you

You can restore Monero GUI exactly because your Trezor has the key, you don’t need to see it.



Thank you for your response, forgi.
I did exactly that , but I am able to restore only View only wallet . Iam not able to restor a hot wallet. When restoring , I couldnt input Private spend key as it was built in the trezor .I need to be able to restore full wallet…Would appreciate suggestions on how to do that .

thank you .

no, you do not need a private key, private key is on your Trezor, then you need the passphrase that you created in the beginning when you created Monero wallet.

Do you see the balance in Monero GUI? If yes, can you make a transaction?

Hi forgi,

I am able to see the balance, but not able to make any transactions. Wallet is in view only mode.

is there any error? You need to share more details.

No errors at all.
All it said while it will a view wallet if you don’t key in your private spend key. This key is within the trezor.