Recovery Seed - reissue?

I have lost my recovery seed, however, I am still using my Trezor. But nervous without the Recovery Seed.

  1. Can I generate the same recovery seed that I had previously, or can I only generate a new recovery seed?

  2. If I can only generate a new recovery seed, not regenerate the existing recovery seed, what happens to my passphrase to this wallet? Will it work with the new recovery seed? Yes or No? If no, then what are my options?


If you lost your recovery seed, but still have access to your wallet, you should move your funds elsewhere immediately. You can then wipe the Trezor device and create a new wallet with a new recovery seed (you can not generate the same recovery seed you had previously).

When first initialized, a Trezor device generates a random number which is converted into a mnemonic sentence (your recovery seed) and stored in the memory. Subsequently, whenever the device is used, it derives a cryptocurrency wallet from a magical formula; mnemonic+passphrase (extremely simplified).

So your current passphrase won’t work with new recovery seed. You have to generate new passphrase protected wallet (with new seed) and transfer your assets there.

See following link for more information about emergency situations: