Recovery private key ronin

Here being a beginner in the middle of the crypto I made a big mistake which costs me dearly and I would like to repair it:
I sent axs to my ronin account with the binance smart chain network
Obviously I can no longer find my axs on my ronin and I think that the only recovery solution is to connect my ronin account to a metamask
the problem and that when I want to import my ronin account to my metamask it is not possible because I do not have access to my private key because my ronin account is linked to my trezor could you please me help me by giving me the steps to follow to recover my private key so that I can connect my account to metamask and I hope to recover my funds
i really need you please

Add the bsc chain on mm, connect trezor to mm, find your receiving address and add it as a wallet.

Finally I was able to connect my Ronin account with MetaMask without needing to find my Private key I then added the smart Chain binance network on my MetaMask but I can’t find but axs on MetaMask

When I connect my MetaMask to My Ronin Account, does it give me access to the axs token that I have on my Ronin account on MetaMask?

If you send the coin to trezor through ronin (ronin’s trezor hardware wallet account), then you only need to add the bsc chain on mm, connect mm and trezor, find your receiving address and add it as a wallet, and then add token axs. The balance will be displayed.

yes this manipulation was done thank you! and i just noticed that my metamask account was not connected to my ronin but my ronin account was connected to my metamask which are two completely different things …
unfortunately I am still at the stage of recovering the key to deprive my ronin account that I cannot recover in order to be able to connect it to my metamask
do you know what will be the manipulation to recover it please

did this account connect with trezor ?

not just my ronin account is connected with trezor but not my metamask

I don’t understand what this means,English is not very good

sorry i don’t speak english i use google translate

If your ronin’s receiving address has nothing to do with trezor, then you only need to use ronin’s mnemonic to restore the mm wallet, add the bsc chain, and find that address.

me too,i also don’t speak english

trezor replied:

​There is no way to access your private keys unless they are exported directly from your recovery seed (24 words generated during Trezor setup). The fact that Trezor keeps these private keys isolated is actually an important security feature.

There are third-party tools capable of deriving the individual private keys from your recovery seed. However, we are not able to evaluate or guarantee the safety of such services, therefore we cannot recommend using them. We do not encourage Trezor users to export any private keys from the recovery seed because you can compromise your seed this way.

I recommend you do careful research and make.

If you decide to export your seed in order to claim your individual private keys, please do so only after sending all your funds from the wallet associated with your current seed to a newly generated wallet (new seed) to avoid as much unnecessary risk as possible.

Do you know the means that third parties to recover a private key?

ok i speak french and you?

i just speak chinese

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Maintenant, permettez-moi d’abord de rectifier votre question :
Tout d’abord, vous installez le portefeuille ronin dans votre navigateur et le compte 1 est généré.
Ensuite, vous connectez ronin et trezor pour produire le compte 2.
À quelle adresse de compte vos axes ont-ils été envoyés en utilisant la chaîne bsc, 1 ou 2 ?

Si vous envoyez au compte 2, après avoir ajouté la chaîne bsc au portefeuille mm, vous connectez trezor au portefeuille mm. Sélectionnez le réseau bsc, recherchez l’adresse envoyée par axe et créez cette adresse en tant que portefeuille trezor de mm (chaîne bsc).

le problème c’est la connexion entre metamask et ronin qui ne ce fait pas .
Car je n’ai pas la clef prive ronin pour la connecter a MM quand je mets importer fichier.
je n’ai pas la clef ronin car mon compte a été génèré par trezor et que il n’affiche pas ma clefs priver car celle ci est protéger c’est pour ca que je cherche un moyen de la récupérer .
avez vous une solution pour récupéré la clef prive de mon compte ronin généré par mon trezor ?

the problem is the connection between metamask and ronin which does not.
Because I don’t have the private ronin key to connect it to MM when I put import file.
I don’t have the ronin key because my account was generated by trezor and it does not display my private key because it is protected that’s why I’m looking for a way to recover it.
do you have a solution to recover the private key of my ronin account generated by my trezor?

Vous n’avez pas besoin de trouver cette clé privée.
Tout ce que vous avez à faire est d’utiliser la chaîne bsc pour créer un portefeuille dans le portefeuille MM, et l’adresse de portefeuille créée utilise l’adresse que vous avez transférée à axe. Bien sûr, tout le processus est effectué lorsque vous connectez MM et trezor.
Créé est le portefeuille froid MM-trezor de la chaîne bsc.

Vous avez dit que vous aviez ajouté la chaîne bsc dans MM.
Connectez maintenant MM et trezor pour créer un portefeuille BNB (un portefeuille qui utilise bnb comme frais de transaction).
La clé privée utilisée lors de la création de ce portefeuille est celle de Trezor.
Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de trouver cette adresse et d’utiliser cette adresse pour créer ce portefeuille.

j’ai crée le portefeuille mm avec mon trezor ajouter le reseau bsc et ajouter le token axs mais j’ai toujours zéros axs dessus .je sais pas comment ce fait la connexion entre mon adresse ronin et mm . Ce fait il automatiquement quand je génère mon compte mm avec la même clef trezor avec le quel j’ai génère ma clef trezor ou peut être que j’ai pas compris quelque chose

I created the mm wallet with my trezor add the bsc network and add the axs token but I still have zeros axs on it. I don’t know how the connection between my ronin address and mm is made. This happens automatically when I generate my mm account with the same trezor key with which I generated my trezor key or maybe I didn’t understand something