Recovering Seed on a software wallet

I was just about to migrate my funds from singlesig to multisig (2of3), when #1 of the 2 multisig devices is not anymore recognized by the suite (I went through all the steps and #2 is working on that USB-Port, so #1 ought to be damaged, I discussed this already with the support), so that I have to get me a new one.

Unfortunately I am travelling and it would need time to get a new one.
At the moment I only carry the seed of #1 with me. The seed #2 is at a friend and far away.
If I can recover that seed, I could acccess my assets on the singlesig wallet.

But I can not recover that seed on the still functioning device #2 because I wouldn’t be able to recover device #2 later and could not execute the migration to multisig, since I would need 2 keys (2of3).

Here comes the questions:

  1. Would I be able to recover the seed on any softwallet. It is a 24-word-seed + PIN + passphrase?
    I once tried it with a 12-word-seed of a Swissborg-Wallet, but I could NOT recover that see on “Exodus”.
  2. What softwallet would you recommend (I need a wallet that also allows alts)? How about “Exodus” on my smartphone?

Thanks ahead!.