Recover Trezor One with seed

I have a question about recovering a Trezor with seed. I’ll give you the situation. I have Trezor One and I lose it, so I restore it on another Trezor with seed. However, I will find the Trezor I lost and I will want to get into it. Will one wallet work on both Trezors? Or will my wallet be deleted on the original one? Alternatively, if the wallet will work on both, how do I make it work on only one? Factory reset?
Thanks a lot

Hi @Franklin2019,

I can confirm that you will have your private keys on both devices (they can’t be deleted automatically from the first one).

The only option on how to delete the seed (which represents your private keys) from your original wallet is to wipe it. Information on how to do it can be found here:

for Trezor Model One:
for Trezor Model T: