Recent Spam email alerts of Trezor being added to new application and devices - emails

Been recently getting SPAM email reflecting the below:

Why am i seeing these and what is it? Are these attacks somewhere?

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This is an email I just got, it took me to a page that looked and smelled like trezor but was not. It asked for my seed words but I did not reply…
this is the email it came from
Trezor Wallet dev@gardenofedenke org

See below for the message:

New device paired

Please review the details below to confirm it was you.

Authorization country: Canada
Type of device: iPhone 11 Pro

Wasn’t you? Go to

Trezor - a part of SatoshiLabs Group

Has anyone seen this?? total scam.

Hi @Garcon and @joerey,

I can confirm that the email you received is a phishing email. These emails usually contain links to phishing websites. A phishing website is designed to lure users into entering their recovery seed online. Be cautious and never enter sensitive information on unfamiliar websites.

Phishing emails are usually sent from fake domains such as or Our official domain is (in your case it is and gardenofedenke org). Before clicking any links in an email, it’s important to verify the sender’s address to ensure the email’s authenticity.

More information in our Trezor Blog and Knowledge Base:

It is essential to understand that you should never reveal your recovery seed, as it is the backup of all your private keys. If your device is stolen, lost, or damaged, you can always use your recovery seed to recover your wallet on another device. This is the reason why recovery seed is so important and it should never be stored online or typed anywhere online. Please, find more information about the importance of the recovery seed in our blog post: Learn about: Recovery seed. The recovery seed is one of the… | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

Only enter your recovery seed if you are directly asked for it by the trusted display of your Trezor device.

Thats exactly it! Iknew because they want seed words…stupid people

@Garcon @joerey thanks for sharing this way more people get to know these type of scams.

There are still a lot of people who fall for this