Real error message or scam?

I’ve had this trezor for a while, though never opened it.
I set it up and it worked fine on my computer using chrome, I sent a small amount to and from it.
I tried to use it on my brothers computer using chrome also and starting getting this message.
I have never seen this before so wanted to make sure it’s a real error message and not a scam.
Does anyone know?
Thank you.


this is scam. Never ever share your seed with anyone please. If you type it in, you lose all your funds immediately. Please be so kind to share the URL of this website so we can report it immediately.

Always type in our URL manually. Never search for it on Google as there are scams websites pretending to be us and asking for the seed, which is your ultimate protection of your wallet. Once the seed is compromised, the attacker has immediate access to your wallet.

I thought it was very suspicious, sorry for the slow reply.
Screenshot (2)