Ravencoin support

I do not see any clear instructions on how to use ravencoin with my Model T , I have the electrum raven wallet , but i am not having any luck pairing it or where to even begin. Any ideas? Would be nice if the app itself supported this some time in the future.

Hi @Rincewind,

you can find instructions on how to pair Trezor with Electrum here: https://trezor.io/learn/a/electrum-and-trezor

the process with Electrum-RVN is identical.

Alternatively, you can also pair Trezor with Chaintek wallet for using Ravencoin. Remember, you need to have Trezor Bridge installed for both wallets (Electrum-RVN, Chaintek wallet). Also, if you decide to use Chaintek wallet, use it only in supported browsers - Chrome and Firefox.