Questions - Using Trezor as 2FA device like yubikey

Yubikey says to register a second key as a backup since it is not possible to restore a given yubikey. Many sites support only one 2FA key at a time. I see that Trezor can be used as a 2FA device and have a few questions.

  1. Do you initialize the Trezor using the Suite the same as you would for using it to store crypto key?

  2. If using the Trezor as a 2FA device and it breaks or you lose it and restore a new Trezor with the 24 word backup sequence, will the new Trezor be able to be used to access the sites that the original Trezor was registered to as a 2FA key device?

  3. Are there dangers or is it a bad practice to use the same Trezor for both crypto key storage and as a 2FA device?

  4. What happens if you have two Trezors plugged into USB ports on your computer when running Trezor Suite? Does that make problems?

It seems to me that if you can restore a Trezor and use it to replace a damaged or lost 2FA device Trezor, it would be superior to Yubikey, which does not offer a way to backup a key, in the case of a site that only supports a one key at a time.


Hi @jtz0052

Please, see answers below.




Trezor Suite enables you accessing multiple wallets at a time without any problems.

Feel free to learn more if you like

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