Question regarding upgrading from one to the safe 3

Hi all, I’m currently using the one and plan on purchasing the safe 3 to upgrade. I want to use the seed phrase from my one for my new safe 3 so I will use the recover wallet option. My question is then, what can I do with my one. The way I see it is I have three options.

  1. keep the same seed and use it as a backup.
  2. wipe it, create a new seed, and use it as a second wallet.
  3. wipe it and give it to a relative who does not have a HWW.

Are all these options possible and am I missing any other options?

Thanks for the responses.

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No answers or opinions? Maybe I asked a stupid question.

You should to import current seed into the safe 3 and wipe the old wallet and use it as possible backup if something happens with safe 3.