Question about Windows Security Alert on Trezor Suite

Hi everyone,

I have a question about Windows Security Alert. When I first launch a trezor suite after installing it. There is a pop-up window asking me about the Windows Security Alert appears, as shown in the picture below.

My question is which checkbox should I choose —both, the single one above or below, or neither?
and Will choosing differently affect my funds?

Appreciate for your help in advance.

It depends on how you use your PC. If it’s a laptop/notebook and you travel a lot, then you may want to use a public network at the airport or in a train, perhaps, but if you only use your Trezor at home then you can safely allow only private networks.

Even if you tick off both checkboxes there isn’t much risk to use your Trezor. The only thing I can think of that’s not optimal to reveal on a public network (for privacy reasons) is Transaction ID Public Keys (XPUBs). Online exchanges often ask you to sumbit your coin’s XPUB key and dealing with them may not work if you don’t.

The last example, where you don’t tick off any of the checkboxes, is not recommended since Trezor Suite may not work correctly.

BTW, I use Bitdefender and have disabled Windows Defender on my PC, and I don’t recall receiveing any such prompt in Bitdefender when I first installed Trezor Suite.

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Thank you very much Petosiris for your kind help.

Now I know I’m going to tick off both checkboxes, it seems to make the program work best. If no consideration is given to privacy.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Have in mind that using public networks are always risky, because there could be people monitoring (the network owner/admin can do this), so you should be vigilant when using them and never leave your Trezor behind when going for a new cup of coffee or to the bathroom, for instance. Someone who finds your Trezor can then sign transactions out of your wallet… This may happen at home too, but is much more likely in a public setting.

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