Question about used several time this same fresh adress?


At the moment I have my trezor, on another continent, but I want buy some btc.
Can I transfer this btc on old fresh adress, which I used 6 months ago?

I don’t lost this btc, yes? One problem is more than one transaction, on adress, do you agree with me?

Hi @rbtzlt

Yes you can use the same address as long as you want. Tech wise you don’t have any problem. You can transfer as manny times as you want.

That said:

Because you are using the same address your main concern will be privacy.
As the Bitcoin network e open anyone paying attention will can see that this one address is receiving multiple funds

Hi @rbtzlt,

as @rimaS mentioned, technically it is not a problem to reuse your BTC address as many times as you want. However, using a “fresh address” for every transaction is recommended for privacy reasons. You can find more information here: