Question about robbery and seed

I’m new to cryptocurrencies but everyone says that if they steal your seed they can restore your wallet, change your password and steal your funds. This cold device gives you security in many areas but specifically in theft of the seed key, what security does it offer?

Much cold wallet technology but a wallet can be imported from any other program that accepts the keywords and theft is done.

Trezor should have an authentication system or relate the seed to the device or account owner or who made the purchase to then restore the wallet.

thank you

you are fully responsible for safety of your private keys, you can add passphrase that creates hidden wallet and then it is impossible to steal your funds even if attacker has all the seed words

More here:

There is also Shamir backup where you can create up to 16 seeds and you need certain number of them to restore the wallet: Shamir Backup - Trezor Wiki

As for any extra authentication: 2FA to protect wallet - #4 by matejcik