Purge/Delete Hidden Wallet?

I recently set up a Model T and was confused by the hidden wallet feature that appeared when I first set up the device.

Not sure if it’s a bug, but I found that if I set up a hidden wallet with a empty password that is typed on the Trezor’s screen, then it allows it and shows me an empty “Hidden Wallet #1”. If I try to create a password-less hidden wallet in the computer UI in Trezor suite, it says duplicate wallet found, and loads the standard wallet. This was very confusing and seems like a bug.

Anyway, my related question, if I did set up hidden wallets by accident (I’m not sure if I did). Is there any way to delete/purge hidden wallets if they have zero balance? I don’t want them to linger if I’m not using them.

As an aside, after reading and watching videos about the hidden wallet feature, I can see the reason for them, but enabling it by default is very confusing for new users learning the system. I think it’s better to begin with the simple standard wallet, and and show a message in the UI to learn about and enable the hidden wallet feature.

Thank you.

I agree wholeheartedly. :+1: