Problems with web trezor suite

Hi. Please help me. I can’t connect my trezor T via web trezor suite on my phone. This is what I see on my display:

Error occurred
It appears something is broken. You might let us know by sending report
navigator.registerProtocolHandler is not a function

Im also Having similar issues. Cant connect Via mobile it says same message. When connected to my pc I have multiple pending transactions I cant edit or bump fees and are stuck. The moment I click bump fees I get the same message. Need help asap not 20 day wait.

Hi guys,

There is a bug in Trezor Suite 21.10.1 that breaks Android compatibility. If you try to open Trezor Suite Web from an Android, it will just display an error.
We will fix this issue ASAP.
Apologies for inconveniences caused.


this is a known issue as well.
You can follow the progress using the link below:

update: both issues has already been fixed in the latest release of Trezor Suite (version 21.10.1)

So please either update your app or use web version

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