Problems using hodlhodl website and receiving address

I don’t know where to put this question.

Is there only one hardware address for my trezor t or do they change over time or with each transaction?

I’m trying to buy btc using hodlhodl website. I found a seller and try to buy $300. I first click on receive btc in trezor app and confirm the address with my wallet and then copy it.

I paste it inside of the buy contract or offer I’m trying to do on hodlhodl. The problem is once I enter that address on hodlhodl website, it changes on my trezor.

I just can’t do anything with this thing. I’m about to return it to be honest. It’s so un- user friendly and I’m a computer professional, these things usually come easy to me.

What am I supposed to do here? The guy I’m trying to buy from never even responds and the hardware address always changes. Plus I’m getting backend and other errors that seem to only go away when I reboot my laptop.

So is there one btc receive address and does it change or is it set for life once the wallet is set up? If that’s the case why does it give me one address initially but show a diff one while I’m trying to conduct a transaction.

Why do I get the error where it can’t see my wallets or the backend errors?

What is the issue? Do others have these problems? How do I ask trezor for help?

Thanks, a very disappointed user.

With BTC, every time you receive funds to the account you use a new address. To try and help with privacy (although it’s not very effective on privacy in reality).

This is how the BTC chain works.
You can send funds to an old address and they will still get there.

In terms of user friendly-ness, I don’t have an issue with it. It’s similar to other hardware wallets.
You just get used to it.

Thanks for your reply. That’s answers one question.

My next one - do you ever get discovery or backend errors that require you to have to reboot your pc or set the wallet up again? I’ve had backend errors right in the middle of transactions and don’t know what to do. And the discovery errors stop when I reboot but this shouldn’t be happening. I opened a ticket with trezor just now, interested in hearing what they have to say. Thanks.

Normally these types of issues happen if you using none standard internet connections, like VPNs etc.
Or if you internet connection is poor. Or could be a firewalling issue if you have a very aggressive firewall policy.