Problems accessing binance DEX with trezor

Hi everyone.

Few years back I used binance DEX to store by BNB on my trezor T.

Fast forward to now and I’m trying to access the DEX to move them elsewhere that’s easier to access etc.

The trezor loading screen just doesn’t advance to the “export keys” screen.

Could it be that the DEX is still running on older bridge software? Randomly out of frustration I changed the 8 in the url to a 7 and got a message that the app was built on trezor connect version 7 which has been discontinued.

I’ve no idea how else to access these BNB. As far as I understand (I may be wrong) the DEX stored them via the beacon chain rather than the BSC?

Does anyone have any suggestions? A fix would be appreciated so very much.

I do still have a 4 year old trezor T with whatever software was up to date at the time if that could possibly work? I’m unsure if it’s an issue with trezor bridge, connect or firmware.

Any advice would be great

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Hi @Astronautninja,

your issue has been solved in the ticket you opened.

I would like to mention the solution here for other users who might have a similar problem:

The issue is caused by the old version of Trezor Connect that the service uses. The solution is to use Firefox to connect to the desired service. When using Firefox, please make sure to disable tracking for Binance | Dex Trading | Decentralized Exchange |, it should be then possible to connect your Trezor Model T to the Binance Chain. You can disable it by clicking the “shield” icon after you access Binance | Dex Trading | Decentralized Exchange | in Firefox and switching off the “Enhance tracking protection” button:

Hello, I have a similar issue but when I go to Binance chain to connect, I don’t even see Trezor as an option there. they removed Trezor from the website. only Ledger is shown. what should I do?

Please, contact Biannce with this issue, Trezor does not develop third party apps.

If you need, you can still use Biannce smart chain with Trezor via Metamask.

Thank you for your reply. is there anyway to transfer the BNB stored there to Metamask without logging in to the BNB DEX? I’m asking in case Binance don’t give a solution.


same issue here, Trezor is still shown under hardware wallets to unlock wallet but then Binance shows Trezor is not supported for DEX in their FAQ. At the same time they ask for conversion of coins from Beacon to BNB Smartchain.

As there are so many scams around I wonder if anybody takes above solutions seriously.
Do I have to buy a Ledger now?