Problem with Trezor 1

I have the Trezor 1 and the Trezor T. About an year ago was notified by Trezor that support for the Trezor 1 was going to change and I purchased the Trezor T. I did not remove my coins from the Trezor 1 and now that I have updated the Trezor T and the Trezor Suites, I’m unable to find my coins in my Trezor 1 account.
Trying to find help in getting info on how to get to my coins in the Trezor 1 account.
Or is it possible that I lost those coins because support for the Trezor 1 stopped?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @DandJ1966

First things first

Unlikely because your coins are stored on the blockchain
Your private keys are what is stored on your trezor.

If you have your recovery/seed words correctly backed up you can always restore your wallet in trezor or any other compatible wallet.

After you updated trezor suite did you enable the coins you have?

Like this:

Also where these coins stored on trezor standard wallet or a hidden wallet.

If on hidden wallet confirm that you are inputing the correct passphrase.
An incorrect passphrase will create a new empty wallet