Problem with the first install process


I have tried to install my new trezor one.

When I was at step making backup, it failed and now on the display of trezor one is shown only the text “Backup Failed” with a lock.

I have searched at FAQ and User manual for a solution, but nothing fits… :frowning:

At link

I found the hint
" Select the device in the Trezor Wallet interface by clicking on the name of your Trezor and find the Advanced tab in the menu bar located at the top of the page.

But first of all my desktop app look totally different to your picture.

And when I select the device at left side, nowwhere is show a menu bar named “Advanced”
I cannot found this tab…

In my app (desktop and browser version of firefox) there are only the tabs application, device, crypto

Also the application and dashboard on help site
looks totally different to mine

Can anyone pls help me how can I totally reset my trezor one that I can begin again at start

thank you very much


Hi @Lazai83,

You can reset your Trezor with a Factory reset in Trezor suite. Go to Settings → Device → Danger area → Factory reset. Then unplug and reconnect the Trezor device.

When a backup fails it’s probably because you entered one or more of the 24 english words in wrong order in the verification process.