Problem with the desktop suite - loading screen stuck

Hi all.

Recently I was trying to use my wallet after some time without even touching it. I’ve connected as always and I got surprised when the loading screen to my secret account never ends. The loading get stuck and there is one message saying “Balance verification - Trezor is executing an analysis to search for accounts and funds”. I can stay 4 hours there and nothing changes.

Tried everything the chatbot told me. Didn’t help.

Tried to reset the app. Didn’t solve.

I’m talking with a person from the support and he told me that Norton may be causing the problem (I use that antivirus in paid version). He explained to me that some kind of the app’s resource may be interfering with Trezor Suite, even the VPN isn’t activated.

I tried to whitelist the Trezor’s application in Norton, but I couldn’t do it.

I think this is the key, but I don’t know how to do it. The web suite version is working fine, but I’d like to use the desktop one.

I think there is something related to any kind of suite’s update, because I used to execute it with Norton installed in my PC in past and I have never had any problems, but now, after many months without using it, I came back and got that kind of error.

Can someone help me?

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Hi @SharkCode,

You can find information on how to whitelist apps and allow them to connect to the internet in Norton at

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Thank you very much.

The problem was solve. Actually, the damn VPN was turned on and I didn’t realize it, since there is an automatic option inside Norton that I had turned it off in past, but it changed to on without I see.

Then I turned it off and the suite worked again.

Sorry to bother you and best regards from Brazil :slight_smile:

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