Problem with recovery

hello all,

I am currently testing my recovery and unfortunately I have a problem.

I enter the seed on my model t naturally.
now my problem is, with the word “srew”, that after entering the “s”, the “rs” button is greyed out.
how can i add the “r” now?

sorry for the stupid question.

best regards mr.klin

because there is no such word. There is either “crew” or if you have Shamir backup there is “screw”

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Naughty Shamir … :sweat_smile:

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Hey you can close this thread.
i am stupid and have been spelling the word wrong all along.
was completely my mistake…

kind regards

@mr.klin good to hear you resolved it and it is always good to acknowledge our mistakes which we learn from.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1:

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