PROBLEM ! Trezor ronin Wallet changed/replaced by Trezor metamask

Does anybody experienced this problem?
my #1 ronin wallet replaced by new ronin/eth address that i accidentally created
now my old adress ronin:75df196cbc1c06e9604dee14fd398820403ddedb can’t find it anymore
because it replaced by this new ronin:7f7b07eebd8d07f1802eb6515a46d6f50bc4c6dd .
now i cant move or claim my assets .

see photos …


You should have used a passphrase when you originally created this.

i used standard only and i have no problem on other account just the #1 ronin wallet has replaced by eth account that i created. can i restore the old one?

try to use MM with trezor to find 75df196cbc1c06e9604dee14fd398820403ddedb

i did. but is not there…

Then there is only one problem: when you generate the address 75df196cbc1c06e9604dee14fd398820403ddedb, you use a passphrase.
You can only find that address by remembering that passphrase.

If you don’t believe me, you can try:
Add a hidden wallet to the suite, fill in abc for the passphrase, and record the eth address A.
Then connect to MM, fill in abc for the passphrase, and see if the address A you recorded is among the alternative addresses.
Then connect to ronin, fill in abc for the passphrase, and see if address A is in the alternate address.

I created hidden wallet for the first time … and trezor with passphrase …
my problem is the opposite procedure… i created ronin first then trezor metamask so basically MM will generate new address and replaced my default ronin address…that is my mistake…

Why don’t you use MM and ronin separately on different browsers?

is that a solution ?
i think it is not a problem using metamask and ronin in one browser… ?