Previous addresses not displaying

I want to transfer crypto from an exchange to my Trezor Model T. On Trezor suite, it says that one can use a previous address that has been created. No previous addresses are displayed and only ‘Fresh address’ is shown.

I am aware that it is recommended that a fresh address is used for each transaction. The problem I am faced with is that each time I register an address in the whitelist of the exchange, I need to wait 24h before I can transact. When I come to transact 24hours later, I am given a fresh address which I need to re-register and wait another 24hours. So I can never get to transact. How can I access the previously generated addresses, please?

I have the same question, did you get a solution that you could share ?

Well, this is an issue with the exchange you use, not Trezor. There are three solutions to this “problem”, as I see it –

a) Disable the whitelist function temporarily in your account in the exchange, do the transaction with the new address, then add the address to the whitelist and enable the whitelist again.

b) Look at your whitelist in the exchange and re-use one of the previous addresses you’ve added.

c) Write down the addresses you use in a “safe” place, like in a note field in a password manager perhaps, and then re-use them later when you want.

However, it’s recommended you don’t re-use old addresses but only use new ones that are generated for you, for privacy reasons.