Possibly not following instructions for setting up wallet

At you wiki, Monero (XMR) - Trezor Wiki, in setting up the wallet, I skipped step 2. Run monerod to sync your Monero blockchain., thinking that that is the command line version of the wallet. I picked the advanced option and picked full node run by me and pruning. I see progress in daemon blocks remaining and it says waiting on daemon synchronization to finish, but there is no progress in that bar. I don’t want to stop the process and possible mess things up, but did I screw up and have to start the process again, and if so how do it do that?

Generally, it takes time to get it synced. Please, see the posts below discussing the same issue. (If it’s not processing at all, check your firewall settings as well.)

:link: monero wallet gui - "waiting on daemon synchronization to finish" Issue - Monero Stack Exchange

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