Possible Opensea phishing scam

Hi folks,


I received an email just now, which asked me to verify my email address. The problem is I never used Opensea or registered an account there, so this looks fishy and I don’t think the fish comes from Opensea. It’s possibly from another sea, so be careful and do not click on any links in such emails.

Edit: These guys didn’t get my email from the Trezor Newsletter subscription through Mailchimp, if you wondered about that, because I never signed up for that newsletter.


Hei @Petosiris

I also got the same email. Also never used open sea or registered.

Email imediately deleted.


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Yes, better to be safe than sorry. I usually don’t click on email links, only those who I asked for myself, such as one-time passwords for access to sites or confirmation of my email address just seconds after I’ve registered an account. Then I can be fairly sure it’s not phishing.

If there’s an announcement or something from a company where I’m a customer, I ignore the email link and go directly to the website by typing in the URL directly in my browser and look for the news there instead, thus avoiding most phishing attempts.

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