Portolio 0.00, cannot see ANY wallet

I have to say this is the most confusing way ever to get support. I’ve been round in circles.

So, I’ve just upgraded to Trezor Suite 22.10 on linux. This is something I infrequently use and wanted to check my transactions. I was prompted to update my firmware, I did that. Trezor Model One. My device connects and I get a green light, when I disconnect it I get a red light. I am not asked for my PIN, nor have I created a hidden wallet. However, my balance is zero, when I “click to discover wallet” nothing happens. I cannot see any of my coin or past transactions. Obviously this is very worrying. I have followed disconnection steps and clicked the passphrase enabled box, I have tried creating a hidden wallet with blank passphrase, I do not want a hidden wallet I just want my wallet back. If anyone can help me, help!