Polkadot vs Binance-Peg Polkadot


I’ve a Trezor Safe 3 and and looking to transfer my Polkadot (DOT) to it, but after checking the site for compatible coins the only DOT that came up was “Binance-Peg Polkadot (DOT)”. I’m not sure what that means. Is it the same as Polkadot? Can I transfer Polkadot to a Safe 3?

Hi @GussyTheLobsterman,

Polkadot on mainnet is not supported by Trezor devices. Only the BEP20 (Binance pegged) Polkadot on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Please, keep in mind that a third-party app is needed to manage BSC with Trezor as this network is not natively supported in Trezor Suite.

Also, DOT BEP20 token is not the same as the DOT on the Polkadot mainnet. Different networks are used for these coins.