Please help me recover by Monero wallet

I had Monero-GUI installed on a Windows laptop.

The motherboard is busted on the laptop so I no longer have access to it.

The Monero gui was storing Monero on my Trezor model T hardware wallet.

I have only a 12 word seed phrase that was generated by Trezor.

I’m now using a new computer (Linux).

I accessed the Trezor suite Web app.

I restored by Trezor seed words so I could access the BTC on the Trezor.

I was getting an account discovery error, so upon recommendation from Trezor support web page, I did a factory reset. Then the BTC appeared properly.

I’ve now just installed Monero GUI on a new computer.

I chose option to ‘Create a new wallet from hardware device’, and subsequently the Restore a wallet from device option.

It’s now trying to Open Wallet and its been sitting like this for several hours. I put the block height at 1805000.

Any advice? Thanks

Make sure the block height is as high as possible.
Like 1 block before the first transaction you made with the wallet.

With the slow sync speed, it could be your internet connection speed or the node speed your connecting to.

I’m a fan of monero, but I got generally fed up with the slow sync speed. So I now run a local node on a server and connect my wallet direct to that, which is WAY faster (1Gbit sync speeds). (once the node has synced for the first time)

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the wallet finally opened. however I do not see a place to import my trezor seed phrase.

Thanks because the seed phrase remains inside the trezor and should never be entered on a keyboard.

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ok does that mean i’m screwed and have lost my funds?

ok all good i got it to work thanks