Please help friends

I am planning on buying a Trezor however, it has limited support for most of the erc-tokens I am buying. I really don’t want to buy on coinbase. I am really hoping I can get help I want to get the erc tokens on binance and coinbase that are supported on to my trezor which is not supported Ie Xyo Amp Jasmy Spell, Is there anyway to load these coins. if so how do I buy them and load them on my wallet, Greatly appreciated

Hi @Method2MyTrading,

If you mean JasmyCoin Token (JASMY), then it’s an ERC-20 token (see here) and can be stored and handled on Trezor with Trezor suite. All ERC-20 tokens can be Received in Trezor after you generate a Receive address under the Ethereum (ETH) account, viewed, and sent out of Trezor, if you want.

The same is true for Amp (AMP) (see here), XY Oracle (XYO) (see here) and Spell token (SPELL) (see here). I don’t know what “Ie” is. Is that first letter an I, as in Internet, or an l, as in Liberty?

You can see how to add ERC-20 tokens to Trezor suite here.

See here how to send ERC-20 tokens to Trezor. That post talks about Shiba Inu (SHIB), which is another ERC-20 token, but the recipe is the same for all ERC-20 tokens so you just substitute SHIB for your token(s).