Please can we have 24 word seeds as an option (or as standard) on normal device setup?

Hi - Trezor is my fav hardware wallet company due to being open source with the inners and outers of it, which is something Ledger can never match.

That said, in this day and age it’s pretty standard to offer 24 word seeds when setting up a device from fresh.

I know you can do it with the Trezor Client window etc, but this is beyond a lot of people. Can we please just get a native option (or even fixed standard) for 24 words upon setting up a new wallet?

12 words makes some people nervous - and yes I know 12 words is cryptographically secure and all that, but I have to say I too am in that paranoid camp of “24 words is much better than 12”!! LOL!

Plus also it can be confusing for newbies, as most people talk about 24 words these days and when they buy a Trezor it can be off-putting to see only 12 words given in a new wallet.

It’s such a standard feature nowadays across hardware wallets - please can you slip it in sometime for us?

Best wishes and thanks


I would love to see the same thing. I imported a wallet in from another hardware provider (mainly because the Trezor Model T is light years ahead when it comes to heavy use), and being able to have 24 words for an option would be a great help, and give peace of mind.