Please assist with ADA receive mistake

Good day. I just made a mistake. I transferred tokens from Exchange to Trezor suite. I created new token wallet on Trezor and clicked receive ADA. I went ahead and copied the address to my exchange and withdraw, without confirming address on Trezor remote. Is that possible?

Hi @Quinton,

Sure, it’s perfectly normal to Receive funds into your Trezor without confirming the transaction on your Trezor. The funds go directly to the blockchain and not via your wallet. It’s Sending funds from your Trezor that requires a confirmation from you.

What’s the status of the transaction on the exchange, is it pending or completed?
You can also check the transaction status on

If the transaction is completed, rescan the blockchain with Trezor Suite. Disable the Remember switch on your wallet first, if that’s enabled.