Physical access has not happened, so how have the funds been plundered?

My physical Trezor wallet is locked in my firesafe in Scotland.
I have been in Mexico for a number of months and happily trading some funds on metamask etc, so I left a few larger sums sitting in the physical wallet untouched, and only today did I login to the Trezor suite via PC to see my balance, and it indicates that 100% of my ETH was moved to a different wallet on 5th December (whilst I was physically in Mexico, and my Trezor is locked away in a firesafe in Scotland, with seedphrase etc in yet another encrypted thumbdrive)…

I have updated the Trezor suite in the vain hope that something might have changed, but the fact remains that I can see the date and time of withdrawal and I can’t understand how this could have happened??

Some new smart contracts can obtain permission to transfer coins through blind signing.