Pending / Unconfirmed transaction

I requested to send 700 USD worth of bitcoins to Binance (bitcoin network on both sides) using the “low” fee value. After more than a day, I verified that the transaction had not left the place.

Reading about it, I noticed that I could use the “bump fee” feature to make the transaction “walk”, and so I did, setting the fee value to “normal”. Another 24 hours stuck, and finally I opted for the “Finalize transaction” option. One more day (3 at the time of writing), and the transaction is still stuck. After all, what am I supposed to do?

Please consider that this is my first transfer from a hardware wallet, and that I am using Trezor One.

Thanks in advance.

Well, since apparently no one is qualified enough (no offense intended) to respond to my forum thread*, how do I get expert support from the Trezor team?

The Trezor Help Center just points to endless links. How do I talk to an actual PERSON?


  1. Click the Support link on top of this page.
  2. Click the green “Need help?” at the bottom right to open the Chat bot.
  3. Write “talk to person” or similar to get to manual support. It will open a Support ticket for you.
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After so many days, it’s nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Ticket created. Thanks a lot.

Can you please provide a transaction ID?

Sure: 6b3c5fcfee50dce8708b3596a1cbe826f561f4dfda6847910f05b742dddf5a9b

I’ve tried a “Bump fee” (from low to normal) and two “Finalize transaction” orders, without success.

A ticket is currently open. I will update the post when I find a solution.

you just have to wait now
CleanShot 2023-02-14 at 16.27.39

Are you sure? I’m seen this “Confirmation estimated in XX hours xx mins” for a week by now.

Then bump the fee again, you can do this any number of times.