Pending Trezor Exchange

hi. I am looking for some help. I’ve made 2 exchanges in the trezor suite from BTC to XRP and BTC to ETH. I did select the lowest fees to make this transaction. Usually it takes a few minutes to a couple of hours. However it has been multiple days now and they are still showing pending. I have read a bit and it said that either it will take long or it will be returned. The return has not happened yet and I am wondering what I can do to force the return or make the transaction go through. Any advise?


if you signed the transactions using Trezor Suite and the RBF feature is enabled, you can bump the fee to speed it up. If the RBF is disabled or you used Trezor Wallet, you will need to wait until it’s whether confirmed or rejected. It’s not possible to estimate how long this is going to last for, but most of the transactions get confirmed or rejected withing 14 days.

I didnt sign the transaction just did the exchange not sure if thats is the same. I’ve read about the RBF. It looks like it is not enabled. How can I enable it? I’ve read contradicting info " its an available feature then somewhere else it says it is not available. not sure what to do other than wait or ask for advice. I previously was able to do a bump up in fees but that was a ETH transaction but for this BTC one it doesnt give me the option.
Please let me know. Thanks

To recap, you can only use RBF in Trezor Suite and it has to be enabled. To be able to bump the fee, the RBF needs to be enabled by the time you sign the transaction. Here is our blog article how to use it:

To exchange crypto in Trezor Suite, you still sign a transaction as the crypto goes to the 3rd party exchange who process the trade and sends you back your other crypto. This involves normal transactions. There is no internal swap happening inside the Trezor.

thank you. If by any chance you have a way to enable rbf on the trezor T please send me the link. I’ve checked and cannot find this. Thanks again for your help.

When sending BTC or ETH, there is a RBF button:

Yes I see it now. It is enabled but the pending transaction shows it as off. Maybe it was because I recently updated both suite and trezor trying to resolve this. I will try to give it the 14 days and see if it gets returned, i’m hoping it gets confirmed though. Thank you for all your help

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