Pending ERC20 transactions are not visible in Trezor Suite

I have 2 ETH/ERC20 transactions stuck at pending due to overall GAS fees increasing recently.

I want to use bump up to update the fees however the pending transactions are not visible at Trezor Suite end. What is the solution for this?

The two transactions are visible at Etherscan and also at “eth1(dot)trezor(dot)io” but not at Trezor Suite.

Hi @TrezorHolder,

can you confirm you are in the right wallet in Trezor Suite? Do you see the same ETH address (under your ETH account) that was used to send the transaction?

I can confirm that it was the right wallet and I could see confirmed transactions.

The issue has been resolved now the GAS fees went down. I am adding a summary below in case someone else encounters the same issue:

While confirmed transactions were visible, two pending transactions (pending for 6 days now) were not visible at Trezor Suite. Meanwhile I could see them at Etherscan as pending.

Initially Trezor Suite was not allowing me to initiate any other transaction, I can’t remember the exact error message but it was something like “the address is different”. This is also resolved today.

(The issue is resolved on my end.)