Payout via BTCPayServer using Trezor: This device can't sign the transaction?


I’m receiving the following error trying to send a payout/refund using BTCPayServer Vault with my Trezor hardware wallet; does anyone know how to resolve this issue so it works?

This device can’t sign the transaction. (Wrong device, wrong passphrase or wrong device fingerprint in your wallet settings)

Thank you!

I was able to finally get this working. Initially, within “Trezor Suite” I copied my “Public key (XPUB)” into “BTCPayServer” when I was setting up my wallet. However, I noticed in “BTCPayServer” under the “Master fingerprint” and “Account key path” textboxes it was empty/blank and not saving any information.

I then replaced my “BTCPayServer” wallet and followed the steps/instructions in the link below and when I did this I noticed that the “Master fingerprint” and “Account key path” textboxes populated correctly.

I then tried sending a payout by signing using “BTCPayServer Vault” with my “Trezor” device and it was successfully signed and broadcasted through “BTCPayServer”.

Just posting this just in case someone else runs into this issue!