Password Manager

Today i was scared crazy because i couldn’t get to my passwords, trezor stayed in a loop and it was just not loading my password.
Luckily i found out that it was my Eset security app that decided today is the day you realise again (google drive was the first time) that it could be over any day.

So where is the love for the password manager?
What backup do we have when dropbox suddenly also decides it will follow the google route and block it?

I’m sure i’m not the only one but every password is locked up with my trezor and when it breaks it scares the * out of me.

Exporting as backup is just everything in plain text which is a big security no no!

So again, where is the love for the password manager?
Will this be implemented with trezor suites so the file can be read locally and is not depending anymore on cloud services…

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